Références pour notre formation à la communication en anglais

An English Communication immersion training that delivers real results requires an excellent programme engineered and structured to improve real business communication skills in English, an experienced trainer team and first class service so that all participants are able to concentrate fully on their training. Nations, our partner since 2000, delivers in all these areas – 100% of the time!

Gerhard Niedermair, Siemens AG, Corporate Human Resources, Germany
The Nations Total English Programme provided our managers with the breakthrough moment in improving their business English that they needed to perform with confidence with their international peers.  The structure allowed them to focus on their own specific needs and practise key skills in a multicultural environment: they  put themselves to the test and ultimately gained confidence, expertise and the tools necessary for continued improvement.

Angela Turturro, Training Manager, BNL (BNP Paribas), Italy
Nations has been a skilled and experienced partner for UniCredit AG Germany for many years. In our company we call the training in Cork the “Crème de la crème of training abroad”. We especially appreciate the individuality and the excellent service. This is also the view of our employees, from whom – without exception – we have received exclusively excellent feedback.

Silvia Steinhage, UniCredit Global Business Services,Training-Management/ Language Training, Germany
I spent 1 week in Cork with Nations, and I am really enthusiastic and warmly recommend this type of English training. We had a lot of one to one conversations with very attentive teachers that gave us a lot of tips to keep improving by ourselves once you get back to France. I have a strong feeling I improved my English, being more natural and more relaxed in one to one conversation

Jean-Luc Velez, Responsable du Pole Operations de Marché, BHFM SGO, Société Générale, France
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