One-to-one English with course content and schedule fully tailored to your needs

Whether due to time restrictions, an urgent deadline or an important upcoming event such as an international presentation or business negotiation in English, you may want to focus on achieving your personal training targets with one-to-one English coaching only.

As with all our English programmes, a personal interview and detailed needs analysis is carried out before coming on the programme to help us create an English communication course which is customised to your needs. The pre-training analysis also helps us plan the best trainer team to ensure you reach your English language goals. We will discuss which timeframe suits you best, based on your availability and training objectives.

Customised one-to-one English for a special purpose

You have a high level in English and need to focus on a specific objective

If you have a high level of English (C1+ on the Common European Framework of Reference) one-to-one coaching allows you to tailor-make the course 100% to your needs. This English training is a suitable option if you need to:

  • plan, prepare and practise an important English-language presentation to an international audience
  • prepare /role-play an important upcoming negotiation or meeting
  • work exclusively on highly confidential material
  • write a report in English
  • take the time to enjoy studying in depth whatever aspects of English you wish, e.g. the English language itself, general international politics or business, cinema, drama, Irish culture.

Customised one-to-one English for fast progress

You have a low level in English and need to progress fast

If you currently have a low level of English (A1/A2 on the Common European Framework of Reference) and have very limited time in which to reach the English language competency level required, individual one-to-one English coaching is the best solution for you until you reach B1, on completion of which we would recommend switching to  Nations Total English for Business. 

Customised English in a small private group

Perhaps you have a specific English-language project with colleagues or you would like a more informal learning experience with a colleague, partner or friend? Nations is happy to customise a course to meet your specific requirements and also provides customised English for small private groups.

Start your one-to-one English course at a time convenient for you

When you choose our one-to-one English course you have complete flexibility in terms of starting dates for your English course. You can start and finish when you want, so if you only have two days free to get your English presentation , report  or negotiation ready to deliver with confidence we can accommodate your tight schedule – even at the weekends!

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