Nations Loyalty Scheme

As a valued participant on the Nations Cork we are delighted to be able to offer you the following Loyalty Scheme options, which we hope will give us way to continue our contact after your course in Cork:

Returnee/referral Scheme

If you wish to return “privately” or through a “new company” in the future and repeat another week in Cork, you are entitled to a 12% reduction on the Public Prices for that year.

If you have a friend, outside your own company, and you recommend our course, and they wish to have a proposal, we will automatically be able to offer them the Public Price -12% .

Ambassador Scheme

Two of the following actions, will give you free access to an online business English course (to the value of €165) with one of the best-in-class providers on the market:

  1. Publish a LinkedIn testimonial about Nations-Ireland to share with your network
  2. Reference Nations Intensive Business English Course under education/achievements on your LinkedIn profile
  3. Write a Google Review for Nations at the following link: xxx
  4. Refer a Friend who will attend our programme in Cork

To stay in contact with us about the ambassador scheme, please use the form below.


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