Learn how to communicate in English at work – FAST

Nations Total English for Business is a uniquely engineered English course, that will give you the English communication skills you need to create, develop and maintain successful business and professional relationships with clients, colleagues and suppliers.

English for business: You achieve maximum English progress in minimum time

The Nations English courses are designed for executives, managers, professionals and technical specialists who need to improve English communication, performance, soft skills, confidence and intercultural effectiveness in English – FAST.

Working with the 80-20 concept, Pareto Principle, where 80% of results come from 20% of input, we will help you maximise your progress in the shortest possible time.


How we help you improve your English for business:

  • English skills performance and language needs are worked on in one-to-one sessions. Every day during your one-to-one coaching you will focus 100% on the English you need.
  • The English you learn is activated, developed and enriched through performance-based, intercultural small group workshops and other formal and informal learning situations. You will benchmark and improve your performance and communication skills in English in areas such as negotiations, conference calls, presentations and other soft skills.
  • By continually testing what you have learnt in simulated business situations, a permanent feedback loop between the one-to-one and group activities ensures that your real-life, on-the-job performance in English improves dramatically.
  • Your learning day is designed to replicate the different challenges and needs you will meet in your professional life. By living, working, and communicating in English for up to 12 hours a day, you will develop the English communication skills and gain the confidence and stamina you need to be effective in your job.
  • You will be in a stimulating, relaxed, international learning environment, working with expert and experienced English trainers  where you will feel at home and exchange and share views with a small number of other participants. As you are only with other adults focused on improving English for their jobs, you will have a lot in common and much to discuss.
  • Individual training rooms (one will be yours for exclusive use throughout your stay).

An English learning approach based on a proven track-record for English communication training

Since 1978 more than 14,000 professionals from large, medium and small companies and organisations, from every business and professional sector including engineering, banking and finance, human resources, procurement, legal, I.T., international development, research and development, public sector, as well as personal assistants and technical specialists have found Nations Total English for Business the key to reaching their targets in English.

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