An all-in-one solution for better English

What makes our English courses so successful?

Nations courses are flexible, because language and communication training differ from all other types of training.
The way you communicate is unique and our programmes adapt to you.
You are always at the centre of your programme.
What does this mean?

The right mix of individual and group training

Most intensive English courses in English-speaking countries are group courses, combination courses or individual courses. Unlike these programmes, Nations has developed a highly effective individual-centred programme based on the right mix of one-to-one coaching with performance-based group workshops; intercultural communication sessions in both formal and informal learning situations.
The uniquely engineered structure of Nations Total English for Business allows you to integrate work on your English proficiency and specialist language with communication skills for your job.

Alternatively you may prefer our intensive one to one coaching programmes- 100% focused on your needs.

Intercultural Communication

Nations Total English for Business course is designed to maximise the one-to-one sessions with opportunities to develop intercultural competence by practising communication skills in a variety of contexts, such as simulated business meetings, conference calls, presentations, questions and answers, discussion and argumentation. Nations offers you the possibility to practise and improve your cross-cultural and communication skills in English.

Better English skills in the shortest time

Rapid improvements in communication come from the identification of the 20% of reasons that cause 80% of the difficulties. Working on the basis of the 20/80 principle, or Pareto Principle, your trainers will help you improve your English in the minimum time by eliminating time wasted on non-essential activities. By focusing on the key problem areas, you will maximise your performance in English conversation and English communication.

Excellence is not an event – it is a habit! 
Like top level sports people, training between matches is essential, but it is only “live” that you really test your performance. You become match fit.

The unique structure of Nations Total English for Business

Starting from the unique structure of Nations Total English for Business, you get the coaching, training, feedback, confidence and interaction with other international professionals that give you what you need to be successful in English.

One-to-one coaching is at the heart of your training. This is enriched by carefully engineered opportunities to put what you have learned into practice and evaluate key English communication skills in the group workshops.

You turn theory into practice with the Nations Permanent Feedback Loop™

In our English courses, you will find the optimum balance between language acquisition and language activation, transforming theory into practice.

You will benefit each day from the mix between one-to-one coaching and group activities. In one-to-one coaching you acquire the professional and personal language skills you need.

You will then activate and turn this knowledge into real on-the-job skills in the group workshops. You develop your English communication skills in such areas as conference calls, negotiations, presenting information, persuading and defending your ideas and interests, dealing with questions and intercultural exchanges.

Expert trainer analysis and feedback plus feedback from other international professionals provide you with the information and confidence you need to make rapid progress. This feedback and measuring progress in simulated real-life sessions is what we call the Nations Permanent Feedback Loop™.

It continually gives you the information you need to improve your English language skills.

You gain confidence through an English-learning programme that replicates the reality of business life

This permanent moving back and forth from your one-to-one coaching to the formal and informal group sessions replicates the varied and changing realities of business and professional life. It builds the flexibility you need in English to be effective in real business and professional situations.

Our trainers help you be the best you can be in English

You will work with expert and experienced English trainers, who have a deep understanding of the requirements of business people and professionals. They will help you feel comfortable and build your confidence, while challenging you and playing devil’s advocate to help you perform at your best.
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