Cross-cultural team building through English communication

Nations offers international teams the opportunity for better team work, networking and intercultural communication in English

Nations is working more and more with the same client across many affiliates in other countries.

Language and cultural misunderstandings are often responsible for poor performance within teams. Difficulties can arise when team members come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Expectations of how a team should work together can be very different. These problems are often made worse when team members are virtual – communicating by email, telephone and video conferencing.

Does this sound familiar?
Following the last confcall with the international team, the project leader realised there were misunderstandings between the team members. Pierre in France had to send an e-mail to his colleague Jürgen in Munich, who then skyped Giovanni, who was in the airport in Dublin, who then needed to organise a confcall with Pedro, Xin and Lucy, wherever they were – he was not really sure! The project was behind schedule and over budget, the client was unhappy, communication was breaking down and everyone was getting very frustrated.

The success of mergers, acquisitions or international projects depends, not on technical capability, but on how well the people involved work together. A relaxed and supportive environment is essential for people when working through a language that is not their mother tongue. This ensures that cultural barriers and hierarchies are broken down. It allows a new work dynamic to be created where each member improves team input and English skills, leading to the group performing much more effectively.

Make the most of your budget by combining English communication training and team building in an international business environment. By working within the Nations team building and communication seminar structure, you and your global team will develop strategies which will improve communication skills in English (both in face-to-face and virtual situations) in such areas as international meetings, business negotiations, conference calls and presentations in English, while enabling you to perform at the highest standard in English in an international business environment.

Our seminars combine English language training with training in key functional and communication skills. Each course is tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the team. Topics often include:

  • Cross-cultural project teams: Working, networking and team-building in English with people from different cultures
  • Internal communications in an international team: Global company culture and communication style, or “the way we do things here”
  • Project communications: The first contact/defining the project
  • Using English for communication at international meetings
  • Presentations in English to an international audience
  • Successfully negotiating in English
  • Communication styles and understanding your own communication style


You and your team have the business know-how. We help you communicate it successfully in English.
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