Nations Total English for Business – INTENSIVE

This course allows you more time to consolidate and prepare communication strategies for using English at work.

This English course has the same unique structure as the Super Intensive version of the Nations Total English for Business course, but with 20 hours of one-to-one/small private group coaching plus more than 20 hours of skills and intercultural training in both formal and informal learning situations. Participants typically choose this course if they can stay for a minimum of 2 weeks, would like more time for consolidation and preparing individual documents /real life scenarios / projects for when they are back at work.

Version Nations Total English for Business – Intensive
Location Cork, Ireland

Learner Profile:
This programme is for you if you feel you have the following level: 3.5 – 9
With 20 hours of one-to-one/small group coaching, the Intensive version of the Nations Total English for Business course programme is an option for you if:

  • you have a minimum intermediate level of B1M on ‘CEF’/ TOEIC 350+
  • you want the benefits of Nations Total English for Business but with additional time to work on and prepare for a specific area/project for your work

Ideal stay 2+ weeks.

Training Objectives All versions of Nations Total English for Business programme allow you to work on a mix of the following training objectives

  • Achieve rapid improvement in business communication skills in English: with more than 40 hours of intensive training (including 20 hours of one-to-one/small group coaching) in one week based on your specific goals. You will achieve maximum results in a very short time.
  • Develop your confidence:  the Intensive version of the Nations Total English for Business programme offers a unique mix of one-to-one/ small private group, intercultural group and skills training. Particular emphasis is placed on the ‘real life situations’ you encounter in your working life. This training improves your confidence and ensures that it becomes more natural for you to communicate your ideas and win arguments in English.
  • Develop your intercultural skills for working globally: You will mix with business professionals from other countries to give you a good understanding of cultural differences. You will discuss different corporate cultures and exchange ideas on how to work successfully in a multicultural environment.
  • Benchmark your skills and network opportunities: by working and socialising in English with executives and professionals from other countries, you will have the opportunity to test yourself against other business professionals as well as make international contacts.

Course structure –
hours per week
Activities Number of hours
One-to-one/small group Coaching 20 hours
Trainer-led Workshops and Activities 20  hours
TOTAL 40 hours

All training hours 60 minutes

As well as training in English communication, the course includes:

    • Pre-training analysis and preparation
    • Nations pedagogical packs / E-books
    • 5 working lunches with trainer
    •  2 dinners per week with trainer (personal restaurant costs for dinner not included)
    • Daily personalized audio feedback
    • DVD recorded presentation
    • Socio-cultural programme
    • Support services: Wi-Fi / Refreshments
    • Individual training room/office
    • Post-training feedback and support

Tailor your course content to fit your language and communication needs The uniquely engineered structure of Nations Total English for Business allows you to focus on the English conversation and soft skills you need for your job, whether you come from Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain and Logistics, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources or whether you are a lawyer, a technical specialist or other professional.

Pre-training interview and analysis This analysis confirms your English level, individual English communication goals and the specific areas you need to focus on during your training. The pre-training analysis also helps us plan the best trainer team to ensure you achieve your objectives.

Trainer-Team Nations’ experienced trainer team, with a deep understanding of the specialist requirements of business professionals, facilitates the continual feedback and review of your progress throughout your stay and adjusts the priorities and scope of your communication training.The trainers have more than 15 years experience working with Nations.

Dates – Complete flexibility It’s your choice – you may start on any day of the week.

How to get to Cork Nations is situated in Cork city centre, 15 minutes from Cork International Airport. Alternatively, fly into Dublin with onward connection by bus or train (for best rates, book online) (Gobus or Aircoach; Irishrail) or benefit from Nations VIP transfer service.

Accommodation You can choose from hotelbed & breakfast or accommodation with one of our selected host families. We will be delighted to make all reservations for you.

Next steps We are happy to deal with your enquiries and booking in English, French, German and Spanish.

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