Financing options for your English course

There are three ways in which participants typically come to our courses

  • corporate sponsored training plan/budget
  • a co-financing plan with their company or organisation
  • privately – individuals who invest privately for their career or personal development

1. Sponsored participants who come through a corporate training plan/budget

Today excellent English skills are essential. For this reason more and more of our participants are discussing their English requirements with their HR or Department Heads and seeing the shared interests for both in achieving excellent English communication skills once and for all NOW – not in two to five years. This is the case with traditional extensive training courses, which are often more suitable for maintaining your level in English, not for advancing.

If your company is not already working with Nations, we would be delighted to discuss – with you or your training department – ways of working with your company.

2. Participants who come through co-financed training

This allows you to access and benefit from the best English communication courses that suit you, through subsidised training or co-financing – share the investment costs and improved performance and results with your company.
With the exponential growth in English as the world’s business language, companies and organisations are finding it difficult to provide top-quality English communication training to all their employees.

As James Reed, chairman of Reed Recruitment, says: “The jobs market is focused on flexibility. People used to expect training from their employer. Now they do it themselves.”

More and more of our participants decide to co-invest (time or money) in their English course and see it as a win-win situation for both their organisation and themselves. This is a very strong trend as employees realise the importance of English for their future careers.

Instead of going on less effective courses, by using this approach you can participate in the best quality English training and maximise results for yourself and for your company – improved R.O.I. for both.

3. Private clients – investing in yourself for the future

You have an important interview for a new job.

You want to change career direction.

You are between jobs and for once you have the time to become fluent in English.

You have the knowledge, experience and skills for a more rewarding job – but your English skills are not good enough.

You want to invest in yourself for the future, enjoy an enriching personal challenge, have access to everything that’s going on in the world in English.

Just as English has become the world language both in the professional sphere and privately, our private clients come on our programmes for many different professional and private reasons.
As we quoted above, “The jobs market is focused on flexibility. People used to expect training from their employer. Now they do it themselves.”

In each case our private clients know that without excellent English they risk missing out on many of the events that will influence and shape the world in the coming years.

Investing where it matters most.
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