Who attends our English communication courses for adults

English for executives and professionals: Learn English with people like you

Our executive language school is dedicated exclusively to a limited number of adult learners who all come from the business or professional world. This creates the ideal learning environment for you to work on your English communication skills and achieve your business English preformance targets.

English for work: Improve your English at work

Nations’ participants are people who are looking for a challenging, stimulating and enjoyable training course, which makes the best use of their time, combining English language, English communication skills and culture.

Participants come from large organisations and small, from government, public sector or other international organisations, private individuals or professionals.

English learning with excellent R.O.I. (return on investment) in the short, medium and long-term

For most of our candidates the costs and risks of not being able to perform at the optimum level in English is the key driver in their decision to come on one of the Nations English communication skills courses. These risks far outweigh the investment needed to achieve the English proficiency level needed to maximise success in their job.

Advanced English and English communication skills

What the participants on our English courses have in common is that they need and want to communicate better and more successfully in English.

They work internationally or use English regularly in their jobs, meeting, telephoning, conference calling, mailing, presenting, convincing their colleagues, clients and suppliers. They all need to build successful relationships in English.

Most of the participants on our English courses need to have the same level of English communication and soft skills as they have in their own language. In addition they want to measure their English communication skills against other professionals from different countries.

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