Working with our corporate clients

Not just excellent English communication courses and service

Plus, all expenses in euro – avoid pounds and dollars.
Ireland, the only English-speaking country in the eurozone.

Nations Total English for Business, intensive value-added training in Ireland,combining:

  • Customised one-to-one English sessions: intensive individual job-specific coaching
  • Soft skills workshops: coaching in English for negotiations, presentations, conference calls, preparation for international team projects (virtual or face to face)
  • Intercultural awareness-building: communicating and understanding successfully in a multicultural environment

Nations works with its corporate clients in many different ways:

  • directly as your specialist provider of high value added English, communication and intercultural awareness-building in the areas listed below
  • either within your overall framework agreement or in parallel to deal with different one-off situations
  • as a specialised sub-supplier of high quality English communication intensive courses abroad if you have Framework Agreements with a sole or restricted number of suppliers.

As the specialists for intensive English communication training in Ireland since 1978, Nations Ireland offers you an interesting and exciting alternative to the UK for your candidates. Many of our clients started working with us for this reason. Being in the euro zone also gives you more control over costs.

      The following initiatives are used to send participants to our courses:
  • for people who work internationally and need English communication training quickly
  • as part of on-going English communication training plans for key personnel
  • for urgent cases –  unplanned missions/projects/expatriations
  • as preparation for management programmes abroad in English, such as Harvard, MIT, LSE, Insead
  • corporate development programmes for high potentials
  • international team building or intercultural courses
  • special event tutoring
  • as part of incentive programmes/bonuses/prizes
  • for employees in-between projects
  • as part of on-boarding for new key recruits
  • as part of an outplacement package
  • employee initiated co-financed training with costs divided between company and participant


Over 14,000 managers, key personnel and technical experts have trained in our centre in Ireland since 1978.

We can help you reduce your total costs and risks. Nations courses first begin with establishing the desired outcomes and results

We then work on the targeted English language acquisition required; this is then turned into improved English communication through both structured and informal learning situations and all within a permanent feedback loop. Delivered by excellent teachers and coaches, this learning environment creates an ‘as close to reality based training solution’ as possible.
Participants’ stay with us is not ‘classroom knowledge learning’ but rather structured and supported ‘learning by doing’ where all our guests can benchmark themselves against other professionals from different countries.
This ensures that participants use to the maximum what they have learned during their stay with us when they are back at work.

Our participants and clients measure the success of their training in terms of business outcomes. These may be better negotiated agreements with client and suppliers, more successful cross-border team working, better results in meetings and conference calls, effective presentations or developing winning arguments and confidence in responding to unplanned situations in English. They may also benefit from reduced costs for interpretation and translation, or avoid the need for accompanying English-speaking colleagues to travel and attend meetings.

Choice of Nations English courses: We offer a range of specialised and customised courses to choose from, depending on your and your employees’ needs

      • Nations Total English for Business – a unique individual-centred combination, structured on replicating a typical business day
      • Private small groups – a cost-effective learning solution with colleagues or friends
      • Customised one-to-one – Course content and schedule fully tailored to your needs
      • Communication for international teams – you and your team have the business know-how; we help you communicate it successfully in English. Save time and money.

We are considered a reliable effective and honest partner who delivers consistently high value-added English communication courses. Feel free to contact us to ask for references from HR managers with whom we work.
We always welcome visits from HR and training departments and those responsible for staff development.

Being able to perform competently in English is a vital part of today’s business and professional world. You must find the best ways to guarantee that the key people you depend on for global success have the English skills they need!

Today English is a strategic issue for your company or organisation.
To find out more, contact us