New financial solutions for corporate training

Co-financing – a new solution for intensive English courses abroad that allows more employees to benefit from the best specialised English communication training abroad

Co-financing: More and more of our participants co-invest time and/or money in their English course and see it as a win-win situation, both for themselves and their organisations. This is a very strong trend as employees realise the importance of English for their future careers.

It enables corporates and individuals to get the business results they need by spreading costs between individuals or departments.

As James Reed, chairman of Reed Recruitment says: “The jobs market is focused on flexibility. People used to expect training from their employer. Now they do it themselves.”

This new approach makes top quality English communication training abroad available for more of the key people you need. It allows you to:

  • get maximum buy-in from employees
  • train more of the key people you need
  • make your budget go further
  • get the best results
  • get more of your key people on the best English courses

State funding: We can accommodate and support all subsidised and state funded training programmes

Nations is ISO Certified and fits into the funding scheme of different countries such as DIF/CPF in France, Fondir in Italy, Bildungsurlaub in Germany and FTTP in Spain.

Nations works closely with training, HR and procurement departments in our client companies to deliver the optimum programme to meet your training needs within your budget.

Being able to perform competently in English is a vital part of today’s business and professional world. You must find the best ways to guarantee that the key people you depend on for global success have the English skills they need!

Today English is a strategic issue for your company or organisation.

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