How Nations helps you improve your English communication skills

Learn English fast: Maximum progress in minimum time

You will be in an exclusive, professional and relaxed environment where you can discuss, network and exchange views and experiences with fellow participants. We provide excellent English communication skills training in an English-speaking environment, which is the best way for you to improve your English effectively in minimum time. Learning is more successful when you can get away from the pressures of work.

The Nations team is fully committed to working with you to help you successfully communicate in English in a global environment.

At Nations we create the space and time you need to concentrate fully on your English. Working with our experienced and expert trainers, you develop the confidence and skills you need to work globally in English.

Nations is the specialist for intensive English communication training in Ireland, the only English-speaking country in the euro-zone.

Established in 1978, Nations has worked with some of Europe’s biggest corporations on a long-term, on-going basis. Nations is a dedicated English language school with an ISO Certification and an established reputation. This enables us to help you successfully transfer your existing business skills from your own language into English.

Individual or closed group coaching is at the core of our integrated language and communication skills courses Nations Total English for Business . These are based on international best practices:

    • pre-course target-setting and preparation
    • key skills acquisition and activation during your course
    • the best mix of formal and informal learning
    • continuous trainer, peer and auto-evaluation
    • post course learning plan

English + Communication Skills + Intercultural Competence in One

Savings of 20-50% can be made by switching to Nations from a traditional or virtual language school solution for senior and key personnel. As an English communication centre and not just a language school, Nations’ clients can reduce the additional costs and time spent in skills and intercultural training.

Some facts about Nations

  • An ISO 2008:9001 Certified company, Nations has been providing English language training to many of Europe’s top companies and organisations for more than 35 years
  • Nations has trained over 14,000 managers, key personnel and technical experts from more than 500 companies since 1978.
  • Courses are delivered by the Nations training team, all graduates and native speakers of English, with over 15 years’ experience on average with Nations
  • 90% of business comes from clients, such as Siemens, Lufthansa, Société Générale, UniCredit, EDF, Mondelēz, Boehringer Ingelheim, GIZ, and others who have been working with Nations for over 10 years.
  • In addition to our large clients, many participants come from SMEs or privately
  • 20% of participants return to Nations more than once
  • The profiles of people on our programmes range from senior to middle managers, team leaders, PAs and specialists
  • Our centre is exclusively for adults and there you will find an international working environment in which you will feel at home
  • Nations is based in Ireland, which is the only English-speaking country in the euro-zone
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