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Ein Englisch-Intensiv-Coaching, welches exzellente Resultate liefert, verlangt einen strukturierten Aufbau, ein erfahrenes Trainer-Team und ein erstklassiges Service-Konzept, damit jeder Teilnehmer sich voll auf sein Training konzentrieren kann – Nations Ireland, unser Partner seit 2000, erfüllt jederzeit alle diese Voraussetzungen zu 100 %!

Gerhard Niedermair, Siemens AG, Corporate Human Resources, Deutschland
The Nations Total English Programme provided our managers with the breakthrough moment in improving their business English that they needed to perform with confidence with their international peers.  The structure allowed them to focus on their own specific needs and practise key skills in a multicultural environment: they  put themselves to the test and ultimately gained confidence, expertise and the tools necessary for continued improvement.

Angela Turturro, Training Manager, BNL (BNP Paribas), Italien
Nations ist für die Unicredit AG Germany seit vielen Jahren ein kompetenter und erfahrener Partner. In unserem Hause bezeichnen wir die Trainings in Cork als das “Sahnestück des Auslandstrainings”. Besonders schätzen wir die Individualität und den excellenten Service. Genauso sehen es auch unsere Mitarbeiter, von denen – ohne Ausnahme – nur ein überdurchschnittliches Feedback zu hören war.

Silvia Steinhage, UniCredit Global Business Services,Training-Management/ Sprachen-Training, Deutschland
I spent 1 week in Cork with Nations, and I am really enthusiastic and warmly recommend this type of English training. We had a lot of one to one conversations with very attentive teachers that gave us a lot of tips to keep improving by ourselves once you get back to France. I have a strong feeling I improved my English, being more natural and more relaxed in one to one conversation

Jean-Luc Velez, Responsable du Pole Operations de Marché, BHFM SGO, Société Générale, Frankreich

Überblick über das Feedback von Kursteilnehmern im Jahr 2014 Die Skala geht von 1.0 bis 6.0, wobei 6.0 die Bestnote ‘Ausgezeichnet’ ist.

Were your expectations /training objectives met?
ism of your trainers
Training materials
Training centre environment and activities
Information you received before your training
The welcome you received and the level of service
Accommodation /Restaurant


5.5 5.9 5.7 5.7 5.5 5.9 5.6 5.7
Nations innovative immersion programmes in Ireland are engineered to combine excellent English and communication coaching as well as inter-cultural preparation. Nations Ireland, a preferred supplier of Siemens worldwide, delivers first class professional training in a relaxed and enjoyable environment where participants feel at home.

Javier Rubio, HR, Siemens, Spanien
Great experience, wonderful teachers, very focused on your personal needs. And also a lovely place to visit

Stefano Giurin, Head of Change Payments Italy Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions, Italien
The focus of the Nation English teachers as well as their flexibility to respond to customer requirements enable students to work on own business topics and thus generate valuable business impact while improving their English skills.

Dr. Philipp Thalmann, Head Learning and Development, Institut Straumann AG, Schweiz
One week with Nations was a serious effort, but great fun and improvement. Excellent teachers, kind people, very friendly atmosphere, I enjoyed a lot. I recommend it strongly.

Saverio Mottana, Director Vertical Sales at Siemens Spa, Italien
I will strongly recommend the immersion that Nations provides in Cork (to my colleagues but also outside SG). I went to Cork to improve my English, to feel more comfortable during conference calls, meetings that I have to attend. After this fruitful week spent in Nations, the results are here. Due to a perfect organization, excellent teachers, and an optimized schedule, I can say that my objectives are reached. I look forward to returning to Cork next year to be more fluent and even upgrade my level.

Jean-Paul De Faria, Projektleitung Osteuropa,
Naher Osten, Afrika – RESG/GTS, Société Générale, Frankreich
Congratulations, it is a first for me, I have never seen such a talented team who know how to manage my learning and bring me to the limits.

CG, Groupe Bel Ingenieur, Frankreich
The feedback system is a vital part of the methods used at Nations and was the key to raising my awareness of the issues I need to work on in English.

M JT, SNCF Internationaler Manager, Frankreich
As a result of this training I can already feel and realise my progress in English.

MJ, Deutsche Bank interner Berater, Deutschland
The trainers were more than teachers, they understood my professional role so were real life Coaches with whom I developed a close relationship..

JA, Procurement, Siemens, Spanien
I felt as if it was my home in the Nations Centre.

MC, Mondelēz, Procurement, Spanien
My inner voice of uncertainty disappeared as the week progressed due to the support and encouragement I got from the Nations team both trainers and fellow participants.

FA, Strategy Director, Mondelēz, Frankreich
Das Englisch-Training hat mir wieder sehr gut gefallen. Habe wirklich sehr viel gelernt. Ganz toll fand ich die Flexibilität und die Betreuung von dem Team. Einfach super…Habe Nations schon an eine Kollegin weiterempfohlen.

G.B., Boehringer, Deutschland
I have tried different methods of learning English but Nations has the best method I have found, I know what my bad habits are now and I have been given the tools to correct and eliminate them.

EM, Environment Officer, Société Générale, Frankreich
The mix of nationalities at Nations was a vital part of the exchange of cultures and understanding of accents.

GG, Marketing, Gie Axa, Frankreich
I liked the range of resources and media used at Nations to improve my level and performance in English.

FA, Project Manager, MBDA, Frankreich
…seit dem letzten Sonntag denke ich sogar auf Englisch. Das Intensivtraining hat also bereits Wirkung gezeigt und erst allmählich kehrt mein Deutsch zurück. Insgesamt war es eine sehr harte aber auch erlebnisreiche und tolle Woche. Wir haben mit den Trainern und den anderen Teilnehmern viel lachen können…Vielen Dank für die tolle Woche und ich werde das Training gern weiterempfehlen.

E.W., Deutsche Lufthansa, Deutschland
I loved the programme and had a fantastic experience at Nations.

JM R, Lundbeck, Sales Director, Frankreich
The Nations programme reflects reality for business professionals and working life.

AA, Stanfeel, Senior IT Consultant, France
Gerne gebe Ich Ihnen mein Feedback zu der doch sehr intensiven Woche in Cork. Ich bin sehr beeindruckt, wie gut die Trainer sich auf meine Bedürfnisse einstellten – einfach sagenhaft. Ich bin wirklich angetan, wie sie es schafften, mich so zu unterstützen, dass ich seitdem sehr viel stabiler und flüssiger in English kommuniziere. Hier erkennt man die langjährige Erfahrung und das Fingerspitzengefühl, die/das in den Trainern vorhanden ist.
Die Atmosphäre in Cork war wunderbar…
Auch in der Schule selbst war die Atmosphäre hervorragend und die Betreuung durch die Lehrer – auch in den Pausen oder Unterrichtsunterbrechungen – war jederzeit sehr zuvorkommend und angenehm.
Ich habe mich sehr wohlgefühlt und möchte Ihnen meinen Dank aussprechen für die genau auf mich zugeschnittenen Herausforderungen und die professionelle und intensive Betreuung und Unterstützung, mein English zu verbessern.

TK, Deutsche Lufthansa, Deutschland
The Nations programme was a very good mix of serious business and social activities.

LB, Groupe Bel, HR Manager, Frankreich
The MP3 is a very effective tool for use during the training but also for the future improvement back at home.

MB, Safran, Finance Director, Frankreich
The 2 weeks were very dynamic and I liked all the inputs, media and differences in trainer styles encountered.

CG, GIZ, Programme Manager, Deutschland
I am by nature very sceptical so I chose one to one training to improve my English, during the programme I was still unsure however at the end of the course I am very clear that my level has improved and I have made significant progress I also confident I can make further progress.

SA, Deutsche Lufthansa Systems, Head of Engineering, Deutschland
It was a great English programme and soft skills development for me and I am going back to Italy equipped with new tools in my portfolio. It really is Total English!!

AT, HR Expertise Centre, UBIS, Italien
This was a very rewarding experience getting to know my colleagues, improving my English and getting so many interesting recommendations, thank you all.

AK, Administration, ERV Prag, Tschechien
It was an excellent week and I learned a lot in fact much more than I expected.

TS, Underwriter ERV Munich, Deutschland
To speak English all day was great especially as it allowed us to get to know people from our company from other countries.

CS, Claims Specialist, ERV Stockholm, Schweden
I would like to take this chance to thank Nations and especially our 2 trainers for this helpful and unforgettable experience.

FK, Claims Administrator, ERV Munich, Deutschland
… das Englisch Training in Cork war sehr gut und sehr hilfreich (mir haben vor allem auch die Meetings und Telekonferenzen mit den anderen Teilnehmern gefallen-sehr gutes Training).
Auch die gesamte Gruppe, in der ersten Woche und auch in der Zweiten war supernett. Ich glaube uns hat es allen gefallen, während des Training Tages und auch Abends. Ich hatte zwei wunderschöne Wochen in Cork und auf der schönen Insel Irland.
Es ist sehr sinnvoll ein Englischtraining in einem englisch sprechenden Land zu machen. Nicht nur im Training, auch von Gesprächen mit Leuten auf der Straße, in der Stadt, im B&B, auf dem Flughafen etc. habe ich sehr viel gelernt.

N.S., Boehringer, Deutschland
The trainers were very professional and gave us very good tips for communicating with confidence. By keeping our sentences short and simple we communicated more successfully during the course so this is a key for the future

FW, Group Operational Relations, Atos Worldline, Deutschland
Nations have created an excellent environment for learning English.

JL PD, Siemens, Spanien
Whilst the English training was perfect for me it was equally important to meet colleagues from other countries.

PC, Systems Team Leader, Atos Worldline, Frankreich
…habe sehr viel aus der Woche mitgenommen. Vor allem die Ausrichtung auf die individuellen Wünsche und Bedürfnisse hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Da ich schon einige Sprachschulen besucht habe, habe ich einen Vergleich und muss sagen, das mir der Unterricht und die Organisation (!) bei Nations gut gefallen hat.

T.W., Deutsche Lufthansa, Deutschland
The team were very professional and I enjoyed working with them.

LR, Sales Manager, Friesland Campina, France
For the second visit to Nations I felt there was great continuity and the opportunity to build more and more and make progress along the learning path. The atmosphere was great and allowed me to increase my confidence by rising to the challenges set in the programme.

O de B, Lawyer, Société Générale, Frankreich
I knew it would be an intense week for me but I liked the mix in the programme and speaking English for 12 hours per day. The trainers gave me a very good evaluation of my abilities and tips for my future development.

FM, Private Client Management, UniCredit, Italien
The trainers were really professional and competent at identifying the needs of all the participants and managing the group elements effectively.

PL, Key Account Manager, Sealed Air, Frankreich
In this training I learned a new approach on how I can manage the English language.

CG, Head of Divisional Risk, BNL, Gruppo BNP Paribas, Italien
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