Nations Business English – Small Group Course (DE)

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This cost-effective solution gives you the benefits of Nations Business English individual immersion: excellent trainers, personalised coaching and benchmarking your new English communication skills with other international professionals in both formal and informal learning activities.
We recommend two to four in a small group with similar language level and shared learning objectives.

As with Individual course the small group option is available in three versions: Super Intensive, Intensive and Extended.

You may have, in addition to your small group coaching, 20.5 hours of intercultural workshops and 16.5 hours of trainer-led socio-cultural activities per week.
All programmes are held within our optimal learning environment with all training supports readily accessible, as well as expert trainers on-site at all times to answer any questions.

Nations Business English SUPER INTENSIVE Version 2
Version 3
SUITABLE FOR Min. start level
B1/ TOIEC 350+
Min. start level
B1/ TOIEC 350+
Min. start level
A2/TOIEC 250+
SMALL GROUP COACHING + 24.5 hours 20 hours 15 hours
INTERCULTURAL WORKSHOPS + 20.5 hours 20.5 hours 20.5 hours
SOCIO-CULTURAL ACTIVITIES + 16.5 hours 16.5 hours 16.5 hours
GUIDED SELF-STUDY 1.5 hours 4 hours 8 hours
START DAY/DATE We are committed to offering you the greatest possible flexibility to suit your
plans. Participants usually start on Monday, but can start any day of the week from
Monday to Friday, or even on Saturday or Sunday (supplement for weekend start)
USUAL STAY 1 week + 2 weeks + 2 weeks +
In addition to one-to-one coaching, group workshops and socio-cultural activities, the course price includes pre-training telephone interview and needs analysis, your own training room, 5 working lunches and 2 dinners, all course related materials (personalised recorded audio files, recordings of presentations, e-resources), free wi-fi and refreshments, trainer-led activity on Saturday, post-training debrief and learning path recommendations.
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