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English for Project Managers

At Nations our role as training and communication experts is to help you communicate your project management and knowledge confidently and in effective English. Since the heart of The Nations Total English Programme is one-to-one training, it is always tailored to suit your individual needs. Trainers can integrate elements specifically related to your project management needs to create a balance which fits your targets. We encourage you to bring your job-specific materials with you. These will be integrated into your individual classes with complete confidentiality.

Project managers topics may include:

  • Methodology and planning Project deliverables Project phases:
    • study of opportunity
    • scoping
    • gap analysis
    • execution
    • go live
    • feedback
  • Roles and responsibilities Project teams/virtual teams Managing risks
  • Handover and change Reporting DMAIC; Lean Six Sigma Time management and milestones Common support tools Presenting outcomes

The one-to-one training is balanced with focus on the following, according to specific needs of participant:

Core language skills such as:

  • structures, word order
  • enhanced listening
  • using basic and complex tenses
  • overview of grammar points
  • accuracy work
  • fixed phrases
  • idiomatic language and colloquialism
  • pronunciation
  • intonation
  • precise writing skills
  • word families

Core communication skills such as:

  • meetings
  • conference calls
  • presentations
  • planning
  • reviewing
  • negotiating
  • managing people and teams
  • socialising and relationship building
  • e-mailing
  • writing reports
  • talking about your job and company

Course Timetable

Media review 1-1 Working
1-1 Performance workshop Dinner Trainer–led social events
Sat Informal, trainer-led extra day in English as part of programme, optional

Some key points:

  • Programme duration flexible
  • Location: Cork, Ireland
  • Start when you want
  • Integrate your business material
  • Suitable for levels B1 mid – C1+
  • Native speaker trainers
  • Individual programme
  • Mix with other business professionals in group activities
  • Recorded individual feedback on MP3/Sharefile
  • Trainer-led social activities

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